Micke Ahola


Micke Ahola

I am a copywriter and content marketer.

In my work for Norwich-based digital marketing agency, Further, I wrote on-page content for products and informational search as well as topical articles – including interviews, listicles and guides.

You can find examples of my work in my portfolio.

Through my work with SEO teams I have a good understanding of search, web analytics and its application in content. I am proficient in web tools such as Google Analytics, Ahrefs and SEMrush for keyword research and content optimisation. I can also use Google Analytics to analyse traffic sources and user journeys in order to improve the user experience of web pages.

I am also a proficient web designer and developer, having taught myself HTML, CSS, PHP and MySQL. I also have a basic understanding of C# and C++. I love keeping up with the newest innovations in technology and experimenting with coding projects in my free time.

Skills and knowledge:

  • Plan and write a broad range of content, including articles, blogs and product pages
  • Create, manage and track content using CMS tools including WordPress
  • Use tools including Google Analytics to track content performance
  • Edit, proofread and optimise content based on commercial and informational keywords
  • Research topics and keywords in any field
  • Design web pages and content for optimal user experience
  • Create and build websites using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL databases.